Welcome to the Ludicrous Games development blog! 🛸

In the upcoming months we’re going to try and provide some insights into the development process behind our upcoming game, Guntastic.

Since the game has been under development for over a year, but we only got around to start this blog, the plan is to begin by talking about what already went into the game. This is going to be an honest retrospective about what did work and what didn’t, the design decisions we took to get here, as well as the technical, artistical and organizational challenges we’ve faced along the way.

This is the first game we develop, at least in an indie kind-of way, so we’re also going to talk about the expectations we had by going indie, and how much they’ve proven true now that we’re several months into development.

Once this first series of posts is over, we’re instead going to focus on what we’re working on right now, the issues we’re dealing with and our plans for the future.

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Welcome aboard.