As we step up the pace towards finally releasing Guntastic in Early Access later this summer, we’d like to start sharing more insights into the actual development (better late than never right? 😄). Our goal is to write these kind of posts on a biweekly (in the fortnightly sense) basis or so. These will include things we’ve been working on during our internal dev sprints. So, lets get started!

Things has been moving slowly over the past few weeks due to one half of the team (that is, me! 😃) being on a short annual leave. Nonetheless, we got some cool things to share.

Meet Mr. Poopypants!

First of all meet our latest playable character:

The concept for this character was born as an inside joke, but, the more we talked about him, the more he fit with our long-term goal of creating as many different designs as possible. Hope you like how he turned out!

Color Tinted Character Variations

One of the most popular request we got while showcasing the game at events was to make characters more easily distinguishable, especially in situations where two (or even more!) players choose the same character. We already had some hints in place: weapons and projectiles, for example, were already tinted of the player’s primary color (i.e. red for Player 1, green for Player 2 and so on). Characters also already featured a tinted outline. Listening to your feedback, we took things a step forward and also tinted the characters themselves!

Additional Changes

Support for Private (Invite-Based) Games

This has been on my to-do list for a long while. Private games are now fully working, including receiving and accepting invites through Steam.

Improved handling of network errors

No one likes getting disconnected from the server while a game is in progress, but things happen. In preparation for releasing the game we worked on gracefully handling the most common errors, with visual notifications popping up on the player’s screen (UI still a work in progress!).

That’s it for today, see you in a couple of weeks! Don’t forget to join us on Discord to stay up-to-date with the latest news. 😃