Welcome to the second installment of our biweekly (more or less!) dev log. Let’s dive into what we worked on over the past few weeks!

Restyling the Sewers

The “Sewer” environment was the very first one we worked on for Guntastic and it started to look dated in comparison to the other levels as a result. Over the past few weeks our artist Simone gave it a fresh lick of paint:

A comparison between the old and new look of the Sewer environment, with the new looking much more polished and in line with the rest of the levels

This work is part of our ongoing effort to polish the content that’s currently in-game in preparation for Early Access.

One last major task is now standing between me and the game’s release: the main menu. This is a major undertaking that will keep me busy for several weeks. Most of what I’ve done up until now is still too experimental to show, but below you can find a sneak peek of the new “Options” screen.

A mockup of the new "Options" screen from the Guntastic main menu

Please note that everything is subject to change! Please feel free to share your feedback! Expect more in the upcoming weeks as I wrap my head around the remaining screens, dialogs, fades and actual implementation in C++!

As a side note I don’t like working on UIs. At all. It’s a very time consuming process and I can’t seem to ever be satisfied with what I end up with. I hate it! There, I said it.

And on this terrible disappointment I’m afraid it’s time to end! See you in a couple of weeks. Don’t forget to join us on Discord and share your thoughts! 😃