Welcome to a new dev-log! With the Guntastic open beta weekend (make sure to register if you haven’t already!) just around the corner, our attention – as you can imagine! – has been mostly focused on fixing bugs and improving existing features.

Map Voting Screen

This is something we had lying around as a prototype for some time, but over the past week we worked on bringing it up-to-date with the rest of the UI, so that we could include it in the beta and gather your feedback.

The map voting screen
You'll be able to select a map to play. How futuristic is that?

Ping Visualization

Player ping is now shown across the UI, including the lobby, map voting and game HUD screens.

The map voting screen
It's now possible to blame the ping!

Discord Integration

Coming in the beta is also basic integration with Discord. You can now see whether someone is playing Guntastic just by looking at his status.

A screenshot taken inside Discord showing two users playing Guntastic

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time in my hands to also add support for showing details about ongoing matches and provide invite/joining functionality, but I have plans to work on those feature for the final release.

Audio Remaster

Simone has been busy doing a final mastering pass on music and sound effects. Sound mixing, attenuation and concurrency have been improved in order to better support gameplay. With the new system, some sounds (such as footsteps) now have lower priorities than other ones (i.e. player deaths) and will be faded – or cut altogether – if there are too many sounds playing at once.

Other Notable Bug Fixes And Improvements

  • A recurring feedback while showcasing the game at Milan Games Week in September was that the intermission between rounds was too long, so we reduced it from five to three seconds.
  • During playtests we noticed that awards weren’t assigned correctly to players in certain cases. Some players ended up having too many awards, while others had none. This should no longer happen.
  • We made some additional net optimizations to certain projectiles (such as the bolt) with extreme speeds or radial damage, so perceived lag on those projectiles should now be lower.

That’s it for the pre-beta development sprint! We’re extremely excited for you to get your hands on Guntastic. Don’t forget to register for the beta, share your feedback and join us on Discord. 😃