Not every hole comes out with a doughnut around it – or was it the other way around? Never mind. What’s important is that thanks to the help of our awesome community on Discord we’ve been able to catch several bugs in the first beta build we released yesterday in preparation for the beta weekend ahead of us.

(By the way, make sure to join the Guntastic open beta if you haven’t already!)

1. PS4 controllers should now be working properly

There were some issues in our management of non XInput controllers (such as the PS4 and Switch Pro ones) that prevented them from working properly. For now we’ve disabled our built-in support and are relying on Steam Input for them to work properly. The fix should be enabled automatically by Steam, but if you still have issues with these controllers make sure to enable the following settings:

Steam settings to be able to use PS4, Switch and generic controller correctly in Guntastic

2. Improved network performance

Some development features were inadvertently left active in our previous built, resulting in higher than usual lag and packet losses in network games.

3. Fixed crashes when searching for online matches

We identified and fixed a couple of crashes that happened when canceling a search for online games at the very last moment (immediately before joining the online lobby). Thanks to Discord users bedef and Ordaricc for reporting the issues and sharing their log files.

A crash report for one of fixed bugs

4. Mac build should now download

An issue in Steamworks configuration prevented the Mac build of the game to download and start correctly. This is now fixed.

5. Shorter post-match waits

Too much time was spent on the Ladder screen, we heard you loud and clear. Waiting for a proper way to skip the ladder altogether (i.e. by requiring all players to press the skip button) we reduced the duration of the ladder screen from 20 to 12 seconds.

And that’s it for this hotfix! We’ll continue to monitor the situation during the upcoming beta weekend – please keep those bug reports coming! See you in-game! 💥