It’s official! Guntastic will be released in Early Access later this month, on November 21st. Read on for all the juicy details, but not before having seen our brand new trailer (seriously, Simone worked hard on it, go watch it! 😄).

Why Early Access?

The experience we had with last month’s open beta weekend was simply amazing: support from players was overwhelming and feedback great. We feel Early Access is the natural next step to continue working on the game with your help.

When and where?

On November 21st at 6PM CET, on Steam. We even have an official countdown, how cool is that?

The game will also be available on Green Man Gaming and hopefully on additional stores as well later this year.

How much will Guntastic cost?

$11.99 during Early Access.

What about discounts?

We’re planning to run a 10% discount at launch.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to participate in the Steam Christmas Holidays sale event due to Valve’s restrictions on discounts for newly launched products. As such, buying the game at launch will be most affordable option until next year.

Will you offer 4-packs or similar promotions?

While we’d love to offer these kind of promotions they’re unfortunately no longer supported by Steam for new games. So that’s a no. Sorry.

How will the game differ from what I played during the beta?

We have already integrated some of your feedback into the game and fixed some issues you reported. However, since the beta ended only a couple of weeks ago we didn’t have time to work on larger features as we needed to go through the approval process on Steam and prepare for the launch itself. Expect more features to land in post-launch updates – that’s what Early Access is for, right? 😉

How do you plan to handle development?

Our plan is to stick to a tight release schedule where new content is released approximately every month, with minor features and bug fixes possibly released at a higher frequency. Please note, however, that this might change as we learn what works best in order to create the conditions for an healthy collaboration between you and us.

Please remember: this is our first Early Access! 😃 The idea is to gradually increase community-involvement throughout development starting with smaller features and bug fixes before tackling larger tasks such as new stages or game modes.

I’m a Streamer/Youtuber/Blogger…

We’re always happy to work with Content Creators! Please send us a request on either Keymailer, Do Distribute, or Indieboost and we’ll provide you with a review key. Also make sure to check out our press kit.

I’m a Journalist…

Wonderful! Make sure to get in touch at

Anything else?

Not for now! Make sure to come join the community on our Discord server and talk to us. We look forward to your feedback.