Early Access Update 1.10: Heavy Boots, Stage Cycle, Bug Fixes

Guntastic was released to Steam Early Access one week and two days ago today! To celebrate this totally random time since the initial release, we bring to you the first Early Access update, which includes two community-suggested features and obligatory bug fixes.

Announcing Guntastic Beta Hotfix #1

Bug happens! Thanks to the feedback of our awesome community we've been able to catch several bugs and fix them in preparation for the beta weekend.

Devlog #5 - Beta Improvements

In the last development sprint before the game enters open beta we focused on fixing bugs and improving existing functionalities, but we still managed to add some new features.

Join the Guntastic Beta

Sign-up now for the Guntastic Beta and help us making sure nasty bugs don't prevent you from exploding your friends in online games!

Devlog #4 - Pronti? Via!

Early localization support debuts in Guntastic with the Italian language, alongside new character portraits. If you happen to be at Milan Games Week 2019 at the end of the month, come play Guntastic at the indie booth!

The Music of Guntastic

Creating retro 16bit-like music using modern techniques: an in-depth look at how we approached production of the Guntastic soundtrack.

Devlog #3 - Logo Refresh

As Guntastic evolved during development, the old logo begun feeling more and more outdated. This week we present the first (and, hopefully, last) refresh of the logo since its inception two years ago.

Devlog #2 - Of Sewers and Menus

In our second biweekly dev log Simone gives a fresh lick of paint to our very first level, while I start working on the most daunting task in game development: the main menu.


Anatomy of a Character

An overview of our character creation workflow, from the concept stage to the actual implementation in Unreal Engine 4.

Pixel Sharp Graphics at Multiple Screen Resolutions

It's tricky to get pixel art to look good at different screen resolutions and aspect ratios. In this post we present the approach we currently use in Guntastic, which is a mix of three different techniques: scaling, thick borders and letterboxing.

The Basics of Guntastic

Finding a good tradeoff between gameplay requirements and graphics resolution in a pixel art game: our approach with Guntastic.