Early Access Update 1.30: High Voltage Potatoes

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Today we’re releasing a new update for Guntastic, the third one since the game entered Early Access at the end of 2019. Work on this update took a bit more time than we originally anticipated, but we believe the new content will be worth the wait!

New Level: High Voltage ⚡

Each level in Guntastic has a strong underlying theme and for this new level we wanted to play around with electricity.

High Voltage, a new level set on a hydroelectric dam
Water and electricity, what can possibly go wrong?

High Voltage is set in a hydroelectric dam, where some mad scientist has been running secret experiments on teleportation. And guess what? He succeeded! The level introduces a main new gameplay element: teleporters.

«Beam me up, Scotty.»

These can be used to instantly travel across the map and should make for some nice gameplay opportunities. Projectiles are teleported as well, so look out for that! Also watch out for the big generators at the center of the level, you sure don’t want to be caught in them while they’re active.

«1.21 Gigawatts?!?»

Make sure to use generators to your advance to unlock the new Electrician achievement.

Another element that also makes its first appearance in this level is water. We’re still experimenting with it and for now it simply slows character down while they’re in it. High Voltage also features a new music track whose synths and sound should bring '70s spy and alien movies to mind.

New Character: Meet Root 🥔

Please welcome our latest character, a mutant potato called Root!

«I am Root

As it was the case with our last character – the happy unicorn called Blue Magic – Root was also designed with feedback from our awesome community.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Guntastic now uses the latest Unreal Engine version available, 4.24.3. This release brings quite a few improvements and fixes to character movement, rendering and more.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented lock-on on rockets to work correctly in some cases.
  • Network traffic is now encrypted for improved security.

That’s it for the first Guntastic update of the decade. More content awaits in future updates. As always we look forward to your feedback here or on Discord!

Early Access Update 1.20: Unicorns And Accessibility

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Ho-Ho-Ho! Happy holidays from the Ludicrous Games team! 🎁🎄 Today we’re releasing the second Early Access update for Guntastic, featuring a brand new character and several improvements.

New Character: Unicorn 🦄

With the festive season just around the corner, we could’ve played it safe with some holidays-themed character. But, really, with Santas, snowmen and reindeers popping up everywhere, how boring would’ve that been?

Giddy-up jingle unicorn, pick up your feet!

Expect even crazier characters as we enter 2020, designed in strict collaboration with our awesome community. 😉

New Accessibility Features

We deeply believe that games should be as inclusive as possible and, although we’re a very small indie studio, we want Guntastic to be enjoyable by anyone. That’s why for the second Early Access update we dedicated quite some time to improving accessibility features that were already in-game and adding new ones.

1. Upcoming Color Correctness Improvements

Guntastic heavily relies on colors to identify who’s who during matches. We’re now performing some tests to see how things can be improved for people with color vision deficiencies, leveraging UE4 built-in color simulation settings. More about this in a future update.

2. Gamepad Key Remapping

Ever wanted to fire using a trigger on your controller? Or maybe use the right analog stick for movement? That’s all possible now.

Controller key bindings can now be customized in the game's options

3. In-Game Hints

When this option is turned on, quick reminders of which keys need to be pressed to perform certain gameplay actions will be shown during gameplay (for both keyboard and controllers).

Now it's impossible to forget how to pick-up that weapon!

4. Camera Movement Can Now Be Disabled

If you ever experienced motion sickness while looking at Guntastic, then this option’s for you. You can also separately disable screen shake effects (i.e. during explosions) using the dedicated Screen Shakes setting.

The “Camera Movement” setting in the Options screen

5. Settings Now Roam With Your Profile

Setting up all the game’s options to your liking is tiring – and plain boring too. Most preferences are now persisted to the online player profile, so they’ll be automatically re-applied after reinstalling the game.

Other Notable Improvements

Invite Friends Directly From The Lobby

Listening to your feedback we added a Invite Friends button to the lobby so it’s now quicker to invite friends into a public or private game.

Major Lift Overhaul ⬆

Lifts were one of the first gameplay elements we experimented with while prototyping the game and, as a result, suffered from various issues (some of which were reported during the beta). For this release we reworked parts of the physics and network code, so lifts should look and feel a lot smoother both locally and online.

Things like this should no longer happen!

Homing Rockets Improvements 🚀

We fixed some situations where homing rockets didn’t correctly track their targets. Beware! ☠

Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements

  • Both keyboard and gamepad keys are now visible in the couch game lobby for available commands.
  • Fixed mouse cursor not being shown in the couch game lobby.
  • Fixed a long standing issue that could result in controller vibration continuing forever after a player was kicked in couch games.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in the Italian localization.

That’s it for the second Early Access update. More content awaits in the next update, which is set to be released sometimes in January 2020. We can’t wait to tell you more! In the meantime, we look forward to your feedback here or on Discord. Have a great holiday season!

Early Access Update 1.10: Heavy Boots, Stage Cycle, Bug Fixes

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  • 3 Min. read

Guntastic was released to Steam Early Access one week and two days ago today! To celebrate what might seem is a totally random amount of time since the initial release, we’re glad to announce that the very first Early Access update is now live, bringing two community-suggested features and obligatory bug fixes.

The game is still 10% off, go grab it while it’s hot!

New Powerup: Heavy Boots

Who doesn’t like stomping on things to smash them? Now you can do it in Guntastic when equipped with the new Heavy Boots powerup!

That has to hurt!

The idea for this powerup came from our awesome community on Discord. This is a first iteration of the powerup, so use it, break it and share your feedback!

Stage Cycle

Being able to select a stage to play is great. But what if you can’t get your friends to agree on which one? Luckily this will no longer be a problem thanks to the second user-suggested feature that found its way into this update.

Simply select “Cycle” and you’ll play all levels at once. Well, not really at once. One per-round. But they’ll change between rounds. See? Problem solved.

Bugs Fixes & Improvements

For this first Early Access update we mainly focused on fixing gameplay-related bugs and improving the behavior of the Flash powerup.

  • Fixed the Flash powerup not spawning in the Woodchuck Wood Inc. stage.
  • Tweaked the Flash powerup to make the character more controllable while in-air.
  • Fixed FXs not being played on remote clients when characters landed.
  • Fixed invisible characters not being slightly revealed upon landing on remote clients.
  • Fixed character footstep sounds being off-sync upon landing for remote clients.
  • The door in the Sun Temple stage now gibs dead bodies stuck in it.
  • Fixed incorrect button icons being displayed in menus after changing the controller type (i.e. from Xbox One to PS4).
  • Fixed combo box buttons in the Options screen remaining stuck after selecting another option.

That’s it for now. Exciting things awaits in the upcoming weeks, starting with a new character! We look forward to your feedback here or on Discord.