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Guntastic is a fast paced couch and online arena brawler with comically violent, one-shot one-kill battles that last for just 25 seconds – after which anyone who's still alive is forcibly eliminated. Explode your friends in this frantic homage to the 16bit coin-op games of the past!

The game blends fast gunfights with an over-the-top pixelated art style and retro soundtrack reminiscent of the coin-op games of the late '90s. Players face off in hand-crafted, dynamic arenas using a vast arsenal of weapons ranging from timeless classics such as rocket launchers and shotguns to driller-heads that pierce through walls, cute walking bombs, energy guns and more. Powerups become available shortly after a round begins, granting special temporary bonuses to players who are quick to pick them up.

Learning the basics is as simple as it can get (you literally use just three buttons) – mastering the game is not. And with a kill tally at the end of each round, Guntastic quickly becomes very competitive!


  • Developer

    Ludicrous Games

  • Release Date

    4 December 2020

  • Platforms

    Steam (PC, Mac), Xbox

  • Genres

    Action, Arcade, Party Brawler

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  • Price

    $12.99 (Steam), $14.99 (Xbox)

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Fast-paced, one-shot one-kill combat.
Choose from a vast arsenal of weapons and powerups to wreak havoc on your foes.
Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay.
Although the basics are easy to pickup, Guntastic offers rich gameplay possibilities so that two matches never play the same.
Single screen, 4-players online/local multiplayer.
Challenge up to three friends in local couch games or compete against people from around the world in online multiplayer matches.
Retro and over-the-top visuals and soundtrack.
Everything in the game is reminiscent of the 16-bit era, and was born out of our love for the videogame and movie classics of the past.
Hand crafted, dynamic levels.
Use the environment to your advantage: most levels feature dynamic elements that create spectacular ways to frag opponents!

Awards & Mentions

  • Unreal Dev Grant Epic Games
  • “The visuals are surprisingly detailed for something so clearly 8-bit inspired, but it's the quickfire combat that this game will be remembered for.” Den of Geeks
  • “With incredibly fast-paced and enjoyable multiplayer mechanics, Guntastic is the perfect game for any gunfighter fans […].” Daily Star
  • “It's easy to learn and hard to master, and that simplicity is what kept us fully engrossed.” Game Reactor UK


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Guntastic logo
Available in multiple sizes: base, 2x, 4x.
Splash Art
Guntastic splash screen art, which feature the logo over a combat scene
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Ludicrous Games is a collaboration between Francesco Camarlinghi and Simone Ferroni. We're dedicated to take over the world and create original, over-the-top videogames.


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    Lucca, Italy

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    November 2016

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