Guntastic was released to Steam Early Access one week and two days ago today! To celebrate what might seem is a totally random amount of time since the initial release, we’re glad to announce that the very first Early Access update is now live, bringing two community-suggested features and obligatory bug fixes.

The game is still 10% off, go grab it while it’s hot!

New Powerup: Heavy Boots

Who doesn’t like stomping on things to smash them? Now you can do it in Guntastic when equipped with the new Heavy Boots powerup!

That has to hurt!

The idea for this powerup came from our awesome community on Discord. This is a first iteration of the powerup, so use it, break it and share your feedback!

Stage Cycle

Being able to select a stage to play is great. But what if you can’t get your friends to agree on which one? Luckily this will no longer be a problem thanks to the second user-suggested feature that found its way into this update.

Simply select “Cycle” and you’ll play all levels at once. Well, not really at once. One per-round. But they’ll change between rounds. See? Problem solved.

Bugs Fixes & Improvements

For this first Early Access update we mainly focused on fixing gameplay-related bugs and improving the behavior of the Flash powerup.

  • Fixed the Flash powerup not spawning in the Woodchuck Wood Inc. stage.
  • Tweaked the Flash powerup to make the character more controllable while in-air.
  • Fixed FXs not being played on remote clients when characters landed.
  • Fixed invisible characters not being slightly revealed upon landing on remote clients.
  • Fixed character footstep sounds being off-sync upon landing for remote clients.
  • The door in the Sun Temple stage now gibs dead bodies stuck in it.
  • Fixed incorrect button icons being displayed in menus after changing the controller type (i.e. from Xbox One to PS4).
  • Fixed combo box buttons in the Options screen remaining stuck after selecting another option.

That’s it for now. Exciting things awaits in the upcoming weeks, starting with a new character! We look forward to your feedback here or on Discord.